The complicity and the experience in the world of fashion and art of Anna and Maria Rosaria Supino, two extraordinary sisters whose roots are rooted in the wonderful Salerno land, has given rise, through their love and healthy feelings, to a wonderful challenge: the birth of “BAIADERA”, a brand of "hand-painted" bags which, through rigorously artisanal production, translates into each product as a unique and unrepeatable piece, just like a true work of art.

The history of Baiadera is a fantastic journey through the colors and scents of the warm land of Campania that Anna and Maria Rosaria wisely express and translate thanks to the production of their bags. All Baiadera collections can be defined as a real "ART FASHION".

The deep knowledge of leathers, the search for innovative techniques of "hand-made" painting and the extraordinary creativity and intuition of the Supino sisters for aesthetic and graphic looks, which no woman would give up, has allowed them to create exclusive bags collections, unique and inimitable: a real "must have" for all those women who do not want to give up luxury, elegance and originality.

Owning a Baiadera bag does not only mean choosing an exclusive and original style, but it is surprising to find that it turns into an accessory that you can never give up, incredibly discovering that you always have it with you on every occasion.

A bag is not only the container of objects that are essential to every woman's daily life, but it is the most iconic element in which all women identify by keeping their most intimate secrets. This is why those who choose Baiadera bags identify themselves with their own character, elegance and determination, choosing from the numerous and beautiful patterns presented by the brand in every season.

A Baiadera bag is not only a colorful, original and unique accessory, but it transmits all-female sensations, and it is incredible how the perfect combination of color, hand-painted design themes and the delicate touch of the leather, give unique sensations to which you can no longer give up: a true gift of new emotions.

The graphics, drawings and themes selected for the Baiadera bags collections by Anna and Maria Rosaria are able to fulfill the wishes of women of all ages and cultures, managing to satisfy the tastes and desires of even the most demanding customers.

From season to season Baiadera presents a wide range of models and shapes from the most sober to the most extravagant.

The perfect execution of the production, the scrupulous selection of the leathers, the original and exclusive selected themes and the hand-painted applied in the collections of Baiadera bags, have allowed it to conquer, not only the national markets, but also the international ones, where Baiadera has become , over the years, an iconic brand of luxury and elegance of 100% Made in Italy.

Baiadera's keywords are quality, exclusivity, research and uniqueness, an accessory that embodies in the most absolute sense what can be defined as a true ART FASHION.





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